Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

SUNY Broome Community College provides a quality educational experience to a diverse population, offering all the opportunity to identify their potential and to realize life goals.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Enrich the learning and teaching landscape at SUNY Broome.
  2. Engage the campus, local, regional, and world community in meaningful partnerships which foster innovation and excellence.
  3. Seek and refine proactive academic endeavors and student services which assist students in accomplishing their life goals.
  4. Sustain and invest in SUNY Broome as a learning community.
  5. Enhance and sustain the infrastructure and environment for a dynamic living-learning community.
  6. Foster an integrated approach which creates a foundation for student empowerment in critical thinking, problem-solving, civic engagement, and self-efficacy.
  7. Ensure a sustainable organization with a high level of excellence.

Vision Statement

SUNY Broome Community College will be widely recognized as a preeminent institution of higher education where hope, passion, and opportunity are fully realized.

SUNY Broome Institutional Learning Outcomes

SUNY BROOME graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply relevant knowledge, technology, and tools from the academic disciplines in the contexts of personal, professional, and civic interactions, with sensitivity to diverse peoples and cultures.
  2. Read, write, speak, and listen effectively in both personal and professional spheres.
  3. Retrieve, organize, analyze, evaluate, and appropriately use information.
  4. Perform effectively as a team member.
  5. Reflect on, reason about, and form independent judgments on a variety of ideas and information, and use these skills to guide their beliefs and actions.
  6. Exercise individual and social responsibilities through personal development and self-advocacy, healthy life-style choices, ethical behavior, civic involvement, interaction with diverse cultures, commitment to life-long learning, and engagement with global issues.
  7. Integrate knowledge and skills gained and adapt them to new settings, questions, and responsibilities.


SUNY Broome 2015-2016 Complete Strategic Plan

SUNY Strategic Plan


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