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Institutional Effectiveness at SUNY Broome Community College Institutional Effectiveness at SUNY Broome Community College


Institutional Effectiveness at SUNY Broome Community College

Institutional Effectiveness is a continuous process of monitoring and assessing performance in order to enhance and upgrade operations of the College.


The mission of the Institutional Effectiveness Department is to guide the Broome Community College through the process of designing and implementing an effective structure and process for institutional effectiveness and assessment that is organized, systematized, and sustained.

Included in the responsibilities of the office are:

  1. Provide data and evidence to ensure data-informed decision making.
  2. Collaborate with the Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC) and Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee (IEAC) to provide training and support needed to ensure student learning outcomes and administrative unit outcomes are undertaken effectively for the purpose of continuous improvement and closing the assessment gap.
  3. Support academic program review efforts of the college through the provision of data and applicable resources needed by academic programs.
  4. Coordinate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) activities on campus.
  5. Coordinate the design and administration of surveys and data collection efforts on campus.
  6. Lead accreditation efforts.
  7. Lead strategic planning activities and efforts.

If you have any questions or comments concerning institutional effectiveness at SUNY Broome contact Dr. Sesime Adanu via e-mail or by phone at (607) 778-5024.

IE Framework

Guiding Questions

  1. How well are SUNY Broome students learning?
  2. How well are we improving student learning, educational delivery, and student development?
  3. How well are we improving student support services or our student's learning environment?
  4. Are we using enough human, technological, or available fiscal resources to susten the quality of the SUNY Broome student experience?
  5. Are we following our collective core-values, achieving our mission statement, and aspiring to reach our vision statement through our strategic planning?
  6. What actions will we take to build on our strengths and to address our needs for continous improvement?

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