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Please email: herondl@sunybroome. edu / Lee Heron, Chair General Education Committee

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Agenda (3/16/23)

Minutes From Last Meeting

Meeting Dates Meeting Dates


Spring 2023 Meeting Dates

to be held remotely over zoom 3:00-4:30 pm

Passcode: 213971


Thursday, Feb 2, 2023

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023

Thursday, Mar 2, 2023

Thursday, Mar 16, 2023

Thursday,  Apr 6, 2023

Thursday, Apr 20, 2023

Thursday, May 4, 2023



Members Members


Voting Members

(Membership as of Fall 2022)

Lee Heron
Member & Chair, (BPS) Year 2

Karyn Moyer
Member & Secretary (Liberal Arts) Year 3 (2nd Term)

Brenda Dawe
Member (Liberal Arts) Year 2 (2nd Term)

Henry Bartlett
Member (Liberal Arts) Year 3

Andrew Glenn
Member, (STEM) Year 1

Carol Church
Member, (Health Sciences) Year 3

Non-Voting Members

The Chief Academic Officer, Senior Associate to the EVP/CAO, Dean of each academic division, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, and the Registrar shall have non-voting permanent membership.

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General Education Committee Mission Statement

It is the mission of the General Education Committee to do the following:

To ensure SUNY Broome students attain foundational knowledge and skills to be successful in their academic and professional pursuits, the General Education Committee provides guidance to the campus regarding the courses and Institutional Learning Outcomes, which comprise the college's general education program.

Due to the high volume of course student learning outcome revisions in order to meet the new SUNY General Education framework, for Academic Year 2022-2023, revised courses that contain only student learning outcome changes designed to meet the new framework will be voted on by electronic vote one week after their presentation to the General Education Committee.

Any courses looking to add or change a Gen Ed category or core competency designation will require the full two week period for discussion and comments from the campus and will be voted on in-person at the next meeting after the course has been presented. Comment end 




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