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19th Century and “The Gilded Age” a huge collection of primary documents part of Halsall’s collection of websites analysis of 19th C. reformist rhetoric 19th C. American concern with propriety covers aspects of the 1896 election and American society and culture Puck magazine and Gilded Age politics – primary docs Horatio Alger and the American Dream a large collection of Gilded Age writings primary legal documents; some pertain to U.S.

20th Century Ideological Movements – Communism, Fascism, and Nazism Marxism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism part I of II on Fascism part II of Fascism – Nazism and Totalitarianism history of anti-Semitism – Socialist roots of Nazism, by F.A. Hayek – the rise of the Nazi Party – misconceptions about Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism German propaganda from the Nazi and Communist era Russia and revolution  Primary Sources for the Russian Revolution and the rise of Russian Communism – the KGB

Ancient history

Asian History (history of various Asian empires)

Australia & New Zealand History (general Australian history)

Bibliographies & Reading Lists (links to many bibliographies on medieval studies) (excellent site on how to find hard copy and electronic resources on women's studies) (another resource site for women's studies)


Black History

Business & Psychology Sources

Society for Human Resources Management:
Society for Industrial and Organized Psychology:

Carribean History (history of Cuba)

Chemistry Sources

Quia Memorization Activities:
Creative Chemistry:
General Chemistry Online:
Nice website with lectures on various topics:
A free program which allows students to draw molecules, generate names (very helpful in finding more information about them online), and render them in 3D: 

Videos for CHEM:
Fun chem game:
Organic Chemistry Quizzes:
Multiple info/games regarding Chem:

Civic & Government Sources (Institute of Social History) (Asian History w/ current events) (Communism in Iran)

The Civil Rights Movement the Civil Rights Documentation Project the Civil Rights Documentation Project’s timeline website devoted to the Greensboro Sit-Ins

Civil War and Reconstruction Era Lib. of Cong.  1861-1874 Timeline of Reconstruction 1865-1877

The Cold War – Cold War information from the Soviet Archives Cold War International History project the Cold War Museum – the timeline at the bottom is very helpful; click on a decade for a lot of links a guide to the Marshall Plan, contains a research library German Propaganda Archive includes communist period – Cuban Missile Crisis – lots of links and Primary Sources for the Cold War American Cold War politics American social issues Cold War confrontation Cold War political thought

C++ Programming:
Learning HTML:


Dave's ESL Cafe
George Washington University ESL Study Hall

General the Library of Congress main website Library of Congress’ research centers the National Archives main page the Smithsonian Institute’s main website the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History the main focus is Europe A general survey from PBS The Civil War to the Present American history website from a Dutch university the Dutch site’s documents page – LOTS of primary docs a digital history collection covering various topics American history from the British perspective American history encyclopedia a MASSIVE collection of primary documents on American history an overall U.S. history survey site from George Mason Univ. a collection of websites from History Matters a collection of primary documents from Oklahoma University primary legal documents from the 20th century

General Psychology Sources

Psych Web:
Psychology Online Resource Central:
American Psychological Association:
SUNY Albany's Psychology Links:
Forensic Psychology Links:

Global History

Government and Politics Information about presidents political cartoons in American history

Graduate School Sources

Psych Web's Graduate School Page:
Psychology Department Websites:
Peterson's Guide to Graduate Schools:

The Great Depression Lib. of Cong. the New Deal’s cultural programs FDR’s fireside chats transcribed; A LOT of primary source info posters from the Work Progress Admin. Lots of pictures

History of Canada (general history of Canada) (Canadian labor history)

History of Labor (very comprehensive on International Labor site with links, articles, bibliographies) (an online study guide of American Labor) (SUNY Albany's audio site on Labor history) (Canadian Labor History)

History of Science & Mathematics (History of Mathematics) (4000 years of women in Science) (History of Science Society) (History of Physics)

History of the Continent of Africa

History Sites with Full Text Articles (letters and papers of Robert E. Lee & family as well as related topics)

The Holocaust – A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust a survey of the Holocaust more information on the Holocaust history of anti-Semitism

Immigration part of the Halsall collection

Indian (Asia) History (history of various empires in Asia)

Industrialization, the Rise of “Big Business,” and the Rise of Labor Lib. of Cong. website on Westinghouse one of the industrial giants of the late 19th century. Andrew Carnegie’s article on wealth Samuel Gompers was one of the leading labor figures; explore this site for a wealth of information on unionism and the labor movement the Haymarket Affair Lib. of Cong. Lots of sources

Islamic History

Jewish History (Hebrew University in Israel - heavy emphasis on Judaism)

Latin History (Latino culture globally) (Excellent sources of information from the University of California)

Learning Style Inventories

Canfield Learning Style
Learning Styles & Strategies Inventory
Learning Styles Survey for College
Multiples Intelligences
Learning Styles Questionnaire:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual History

Math (Help for Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, and many others)


Medieval History (15th Century Britain)

Military History

Middle East History

Miscellaneous Topics – history of anti-Semitism – Atlas of the 20th Century; lots of facts and figures – death tolls of 20th Century violence and conflict – the history of Western philosophy – slavery in the Western Hemisphere

Modern History (Modern Chinese history) (history of the Industrial Revolution)

Movie Websites – Internet Movie Database; the best source for movie information – Turner Classic Movies Database; an alternative to IMDB

Music (General)

Music History

Music Theory

Native American History (mostly maps, but useful) (Index of internet Native American resources)

North American Trade History (the history of NAFTA) (history of money in the United States)



The Post-Cold War World an overview from the BBC a survey of Eastern Europe covering the last couple decades – lots of links and primary sources for the world as it has evolved since the end of the Cold War

Post-WWI and the Twenties the Coolidge era and the Twenties
The rise of Consumerism Documentaries, Primary sources and Videos

Populism an overview of the movement another overview yet another overview Richard Hofstadter’s analysis Black Populism political crisis of the 1890s

Progressivism Lib. of Cong. an overview another overview another overview another overview various Progressive topics on Jane Addams and settlement houses a web museum dedicated to inner-city tenements

Psychology Career Sources
Psych Web's Career Page:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook:
American Psychological Association:

Religious History (Jewish Religious History) (History of the Sikhs in India) (Hinduism) (History of Scientology)

Screen Readers (Text to Speech)

Segregation, Jim Crow, and Early Civil Rights Activism the Jim Crow Museum background on the Dred Scott case 20th C. rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan An African-American publication on 1920s Harlem Culture The African-American Mosaic from the LOC

The Social Gospel Movement and the Rise of Fundamentalism “What is Fundamentalism?” the Scopes “Monkey” Trial more on the Scopes “Monkey” Trial

Spanish American War and the Anti-Imperialist Debate an overview of American anti-imperialism “The White Man’s Burden and its Critics” Mark Twain on imperialism and war

Spanish/Language Links

South American History (much information on Latinos in South America)

Study Skills
StudyCell Mobile Flash Cards
How to Study
Academic Resource Center
Dr. Bob Kizlick
Dr. Ah-Clem
Three Late-Night Study Tips
Study Skills for College Students
College Survival - Success Strategies

Surf Culture History

Tutorials for Varied Subjects

United States History (History of Asian Americans) (development of the American West)

Women's History (excellent site on how to find hard copy and electronic resources on women's studies) (another resource site for women's studies) (4000 years of women in Science)

World War I a World War I timeline another World War I timeline a VERY comprehensive encyclopedia of World War I another good encyclopedia of World War I Updated in 2007 Timelines, Primary Documents comprehensive website collection a PBS website to go with their TV series on World War I conditions leading to war Germany’s responsibility for the war – a good primary source archive on World War I – more on World War I disillusionment among World War I soldiers – documents on World War I women and World War I – medical issues during World War I – a number of good websites on WWI World War I poetry the poetry of Wilfred Owen eyewitness accounts of key World War I events – lots of links and Primary Sources for World War I Stars and Stripes, the Army’s newspaper issued to frontline soldiers

World War II – information on World War II World War II survey and timeline from survey of the war from the BBC more information on the war – U.S. Army in World War II the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II Primary Sources for World War II a large collection of World War II information, documents and primary sources German Propaganda Archive; includes Nazi period Nazi posters -- political and propaganda Japanese internment in America during World War II U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey the debate over using the atomic bombs – information on the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal more on the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal