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How to Register for a Fast Forward Course

Paper Process

Online Registration Video Tutorial

Necessary Documentation

Online Process

Printable Instructions for Online Registration

Students who are continuing, Fast Forward students may register, with their instructor, online in lieu of paper registration. New Fast Forward students must complete the paper registration process.

Registration Steps:

  1. Log in to MyCollege (
    1. Your instructor will provide you with your username/password
    2. OR you may use the "Username/Password Look-Up" option on site
  2. Under QuickLaunch on the Top, Left side, Click on "Students"
  3. Click on Register
    1. You may have to agree to a Financial Responsibilities Agreement (please note that you will not be charged any tuition for Fast Forward Classes)
  4. Click on Add or Drop Classes
  5. Select Term, press Submit
  6. Enter your CRN for the Fast Forward course(s) you are registering for, and hit Submit Changes
    1. Your instructor will provide you with the CRNs
  7. Your screen should read "Registered via the Web" for the course you are supposed to be in
  8. You are finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

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