Environmental Science: A.S.

At A Glance

Degree Title: Associate in Environmental Science
Program Length: Typically completed in two years
Total Credits Required: 64

The Environmental Science program is structured to be the ideal start for those who wish to continue on to gain a bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences and Studies at another college. Students in the program work closely with the chemistry, biology and physical science faculty in courses such as Environmental Policy, Ecology and an orientation and seminar course written specifically for the program. Designed after the first two years of studies at Binghamton University and the State College of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, this program is a fantastic way to get some classes out of the way before transferring on. 

This program is recommended for students with a strong high-school background in math (such as algebra and trigonometry)and have taken Regents courses in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What Opportunities Exist with this Program?

Careers Opportunities

  • While there may be job opportunities with only an associates degree, many employers desire a bachelor's degree in this field. With a four year degree, you may be employed in:
    • Private or governmental sectors
    • Science or engineering fields
  • After further education (depending on the path you take), you may find work in:
    • Environmental information and mapping
    • Watershed science fields
    • Health and the environment fields
    • Earth and atmospheric systems science
    • Environmental analysis
    • Renewable energy systems
    • Environmental policy, planning and law
    • Biological and ecological science applications

Transfer Opportunities

  • By utilizing SUNY Broome Community College's expert team of advisors and working with your prospective transfer school, you can assure that:
    • You take necessary and transferrable classes
    • You lighten your future degree's course load at another college
  • Because SUNY Broome has articulation agreements with Binghamton University’s Environmental Studies and several programs at SUNY-ESF (including Environmental Biology and Environmental Science) smooth transitions to four year schools are possible.

Exciting Classes in this SUNY Broome Program

Recommended Class:

  • Ecology: The Everglades (BIO 200) is a four credit class that conducts its studies in one of the world's rare and endangered wilderness areas, the Everglades National Park. As the students camp, they learn about general ecological principles, grow in knowledge of the influence and impact of the human population on these areas and understand the uniqueness of the everglades as an ecosystem and more.

Exciting Classes:

  • Principles of Biology I (BIO 117) is a four credit class that gives students a foundation in biology and covers topics such as ecology, conservation biology, and more.
  • Environmental Science (CHM 123) is a four credit class that introduces students to a scientific, chemical understanding of our eco-system, and includes discussions on environmental topics such as green house gases, alternative energy sources, sustainable agriculture and more.
  • Environmental Issues & Policy (ENV 210) is a three credit class that allows students to read and discuss case studies regarding both the scientific and political aspects of environmental policies.