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Mission Statement

The mission of Continuing Education at SUNY Broome is to serve as a conduit to the community by providing innovative educational experiences for all ages and all people. We provide programs that meet workforce and professional development needs, health and wellness interests, youth programs and personal enrichment needs.


  1. Provide workforce and professional development programs that meet the required skill needs of the local economy through collaboration with local businesses and employers.
  2. Offer programs that foster creative hobbies and stimulate interest locally such as crochet, musical instrument lessons, culinary, and language classes.
  3. Provide College for Kids programs that inspire learning, creativity and encompasses areas such as math, science, technology and sports, Home Schooler Skating, and SAT prep.
  4. Provide programs that help promote healthy lifestyles such as nutrition, exercise, and smoking cessation.

Support Outcomes

  1. Offer workforce and professional skills identified by our Workforce Advisory Group, the Broome County Talent Task-Force study and Broome-Tioga Workforce Investment Board initiatives to meet the skill needs of the local economy.
  2. Offer new hobby and interest programs based on inputs received on our program evaluations.
  3. Offer new kids programming that reflects current trends, technology, and scholastic needs.
  4. Offer new healthy lifestyle programs that reflect current trends and community needs.

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