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Department of Clinical Laboratory Technologies

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Message from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Clinical Laboratory Technologies (CLT) Department at SUNY Broome Community College. My name is Rachael Hagerman and I serve as the department chairman and as a faculty member. Our department strives to be a leader in clinical laboratory education. We have offered online courses since 2000, and we were the first program to achieve licensure-preparing status by New York State. Our CLT and HT programs are the only fully-online programs of their kind in the State, and our Histological Technician (HT) program is only one of two programs in the entire state. We are affiliated with hospitals of every size and shape all over New York, from Rochester to Albany to Plattsburgh. With our hospital partners, we review, evaluate, and adapt our programs to produce qualified and sought-after graduates. We also identify and meet the needs of laboratory education across the state. Our goal as a department is not only to prepare students for their requisite board exams and provide the technical basis for employment, but to mold graduates into the professional technician or technologist who sees the patient instead of a specimen, who recognizes and respects the role that every healthcare professional plays in providing quality patient care, and whose passion for the profession extends beyond their daily job.

CLT Department Overview

Do you have an eye for science and enjoy solving puzzles? Have you even wondered how doctors diagnose disease or decide on a treatment plan? Are you fascinated with human anatomy and the disease process? Do you want a fascinating and fulfilling career in healthcare without direct patient care? If you are fascinated by the complex way the body works, you like to work with your hands, you have an inquisitive mind and have always been fascinated by medical research and the solutions it pursues, then a career in the Clinical Laboratory sciences may be for you. The Clinical Laboratory Technologies Department can help prepare you for a certificate, Associates in Applied Science, or a post-degree certificate that will get you started in the laboratory sciences.

The diagnosis and management of most human diseases depends on timely and accurate performance of laboratory tests. As an indispensable part of the medical laboratory team, clinical technologists and technicians provide essential information that allows a physician to make accurate judgments about a patient's state of health. Technicians may work with sophisticated laboratory equipment to grow and identify microbes, assess the immune response of patients or match blood for transfusion therapy. Practitioners combine their love of science with the rewards of a truly interesting career.

Department Information

The Clinical Laboratory Technologies Department at SUNY Broome Community College houses the Clinical Laboratory Technician Degree (CLT), the Phlebotomy Certificate program, and soon the Histological Technician Certificate program. Our fully accredited, clinically-based program offers three pathways that all lead to an Associate in Applied Science degree as well as qualification for New York State licensure and national certification. Area students complete their coursework in a tradition classroom setting on-campus in four semesters. Also, certain qualified students can enter the Fast-track program and complete coursework in a blend of distance (online) learning, hospital-based practicums, and traditional classroom settings. Finally, students across NYS can complete the entire degree online in four semesters through a blend of didactic courses offered through the Online Academy and hospital-based practicums within their local area. SUNY Broome Community College's Clinical Laboratory Technician program is the only fully-online laboratory science curriculum offered in New York State, designed to meet CLT shortages through the education and licensure of new technicians all over NYS. We have also gained the distinct honor of being the first licensure-preparing program approved by the New York State Department of Education.

Department History

The Medical Laboratory Technician Program was established at Broome Community College in 1966 within the Department of Biology. In 1981, the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology was established as a separate department. At this, time, accreditation was sought and granted in 1983. In 1996, the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology merged with the Department of Radiologic Technology. The Chairman of Radiologic Technology served as the Chairperson for the merged Departments, and the position of Coordinator of Medical Laboratory Technology was created at the time of the merger. This position was held by the current Program Director. In 2002, the merged departments were again separated and the chairmanship restored to the Medical Laboratory Technology Department. In 2009, the department name was changed to Clinical Laboratory Technologies to meet NYS requirements as a licensure-preparing program.

Graduates Find Jobs

Graduates of the Clinical Laboratory Technologies department choose either to seek immediate employment or to continue their education. Employment prospects are excellent and varied. Graduates are employed in area and regional hospitals, physicians' office laboratories, and commercial laboratories. Salaries are currently competitive and are expected to continue to rise farther over the next several years. Successful completion of national certification examinations after graduation leads to mobility, job security, and access to positions in almost any area of the country.