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Physical Therapist Assistant Department

Welcome to the Physical Therapist Assistant Department at Broome Community College!

Currently we offer an Associate in Applied Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. 

The field of Physical Therapy is constantly changing and growing. What I love best about the profession is the diversity in clinical settings (hospital, schools, long term care, out-patient clinics and wellness centers to name a few), interventions we use in a treatment plan (exercise; modalities such as water, electricity and sound; and rehabilitation techniques)and the individuals we serve (aged birth to 100 years +)

This PTA program began in 1989 and we graduate approximately 20 – 24 students a year.

  • Graduation rate (2017– 2018): 90.75%
  • Licensure examination pass rate (average of 2017-2018): 85.35%
  • Employment Rate (2018): 100%

I hope you will find your experience here at BCC in the PTA department to be exciting, engaging and successful. The faculty of the PTA department is here to help with your success through advising, education and future Physical Therapy career counseling. We hope you find time to visit this site often since it will be updated as new information becomes available.

Denise Abrams, PT, DPT, MA

Physical Therapist Assistant Department

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