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Program Licensure/Certification Information

Graduates are certified by the New York State Education Department following successful completion of an accredited Physical Therapist Assistant program and after passing a licensing examination.

Upon application for certification as a PTA in the state of New York, any graduate with convictions and/or pending charges of criminal or professional misconduct will be required to go through a review process by the Office of Professional Discipline to determine eligibility certification (see application). The law requires a licensee in Physical Therapy to be of “good moral character". On the licensing application, a candidate must answer several questions about criminal charges or convictions that he or she may have been convicted of or any professional misconduct that the candidate may have been charged with if applying as a licensee from another jurisdiction. Charges of this sort may or may not result in a candidate being denied licensure. A panel of three State Board members will hear the case and make a decision about the severity and relevance of the misconduct or criminal charges. There are many factors that are taken into consideration, some of which are the kind of misconduct – it could be as simple as an administrative warning which would probably not prohibit a candidate from getting a license. Or it may be that the candidate has committed a violent crime – which will more than likely result in a negative recommendation by the hearing panel.

Office of the Professions

Questions regarding scope of practice, call (518) 474-3817, X180.
Questions regarding certification/application processing unit, call (518) 474-3817, X270 or

Office of Professional Discipline, call 1-800-442-8106 or (315) 453-3124.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)         1-800-999-APTA(2782)      1-518-459-4499