Medical Transcription banner with person in scrubs writing on a clipboard

Vision, Mission & Goals

The mission of Medical Transcription education is to prepare students for productive careers in the dynamic, ever changing and challenging medical transcription profession at an entry level. To prepare students for a career in medical transcription with a sense of commitment, professional ethics, and attention to accurate, confidential, and quality patient documentation. MT Program Goals:

  1. To provide career counseling to students seeking a career in medical transcription.
  2. To provide academic advisement and support to students pursuing a certificate in medical transcription.
  3. To provide a structured program in medical transcription that meets the needs of students and potential employers.
  4. To provide information and assistance to students interested in transfer into other Health Science programs.
  5. To foster an atmosphere of professionalism and competence as students develop their own professional values.
  6. To continue program evaluation via course and curriculum evaluations and feedback from employers of graduates.
  7. To continue faculty development and expertise.