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Medical Transcription: Certificate

At A Glance

Degree Title: Medical Transcription: Certificate
Program Length: Typically completed in one year
Total Credits Required: 28-30

The Medical Transcription Certificate is the ideal education for those interested in a career as a Medical Transcriptionist. This certificate will enable the student to understand and use medical terms, appropriate reference materials, word processing equipment as well as software, so that they can successfully transcribe medical reports from physicians and other health care professionals, in order to document a patient's care and to facilitate delivery of health care services. (read more information for prospective students)

And because the Medical Transcription Certificate takes two semesters to complete (if attending full time), it is a fast way to obtain a marketable skill in this challenging field. 

What Opportunities Exist with this SUNY Broome Certificate?

Careers Opportunities

  • With the completion of this certificate, you'll be qualified to become a:
    • Medical Transcriptionist
    • Medical Language Editor
  • With the completion of this certificate, you may be employed in:
    • Health Information Departments
    • Ancillary professional departments of hospitals (e.g. radiology, pathology, etc.)
    • Clinics & Doctors' office
    • Private transcription businesses

Further Education Opportunities

  • If you would like to continue with your education, and earn a degree at SUNY Broome, you can consult with your advisor. The coursework taken to earn the Certificate in Medical Transcription can be applied toward other Health Science programs - in particular:

Exciting Classes in this SUNY Broome Certificate

Exciting Classes:

  • Medical Terminology (HIT 106) is a three credit course that teaches basic medical terms and definitions to enable the student to understand and communicate within the medical language.
  • Medical Transcription and Correspondence (HIT 107) is a three credit course that teaches the basics of medical transcription technique by transcription of reports such as chart notes, history and physicals, and medical correspondence.
  • Advanced Medical Transcription (HIT 208) is a three credit course which continues to enhance the student's transcription skills and technique through practice transcribing specialized reports in specialties such as Cardiology, OB/GYN, and Urology/Nephrology. Emphasis is placed on editing and proofreading skills.
  • Medical Legal Aspects (HIT 222 W) /Medical Ethics, Law, and Economics (MDA 208 W) are three credit courses with a writing emphasis that discusses the legal and ethical side of healthcare.