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Health Studies A.S.

At A Glance

Degree Title: Health Studies, Associates in Science
Program Length: Typically completed in two years
Total Credits Required: 60
Chairperson: Erin O'Hara-Leslie, CMA (AAMA), MS Ed.

The Health Studies A.S. degree is designed to be very customizable to allow students to select the courses that apply most directly to their individual health career paths. The degree requirements allow students to choose from among many different biology, math, science, and health-related classes that meet their specific career goals and academic needs. This degree provides a broader foundation in science, mathematics, and technical electives and is designed primarily for students seeking to transfer into medical or health science programs. Although it is primarily designed as a degree to prepare students transfer to other colleges or universities, it may also serve student who wish to transfer into other health science programs at SUNY Broome Community College or for employment in entry-level positions in healthcare facilities.

Another excellent feature of the Health Studies A.S. degree is that it offers students the option of simultaneously earning a health-related certificate that can be embedded within the degree program. Currently, the available certificates include: Medical Transcription (see Medical Transcription Certificate), Phlebotomy (see Phlebotomy: Certificate), and Medical Administrative Skills (see Medical Administrative Skills Certificate). Students can also enroll in a course to become a Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT 110).

Health science advisors are available to help students design the sequence and selection of course to complete these tracks of study.

Many of the classes in this program are available online, in a traditional classroom setting or as a blend of the two, offering greater flexibility for students to choose courses that meet their needs and learning styles. Additionally, through careful selection of courses, the Health Studies A.S can be completed completely online.

What Opportunities Exist with this Degree?

Further Education and Transfer Opportunities

  • While you are working towards a Health Studies A.S. degree, students can also complete courses that would prepare them to apply and/or transfer into other colleges or universities. 
  • Additionally, students can work on transferring into health science programs at SUNY Broome Community College.
  • Credits earned in the Health Studies A.S. degree program can help students:
    • Gain transferrable earned credits
    • Work toward gaining entry into the health science program of their choice
    • Lighten their course load in their next health science degree
    • You can also work with a health studies advisor to select classes that would be most beneficial to the meet your specific transfer goals.

Interesting Classes in this Degree

The amazing Personal Success Strategies (HST 109) class, taught by specifically trained instructors who have taken a nationally recognized workshop, can transform the academic and professional lives of students by providing skills to help them visualize and achieve their goals.

Health for Haiti (HST 104) is 4 credit class, where students will explore the dynamics between poverty and healthcare, address specific health-related needs of Haitian people, and learn historical, cultural, economic, political and spiritual aspects of Haiti. Students will engage in service projects at orphanages, hospitals, health clinics and food distribution centers in Haiti. The course will foster fellowship and cultural humility, provide humanitarian assistance to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and prepare students to participate in a dynamic, global world.

Exciting Electives:

  • Women's Health (HST 161) is three-credit course which will introduce students to the developmental, physical, psychological, and cultural issues related to female gender health care issues.
  • Community Health (HST 162) is a three-credit class that examines health issues and problems related to individuals and communities. Included is an exploration of wellness/health promotion
  • Pharmacology (HST 210) is a three-credit class that introduces students to the clinical concepts of pharmacology and the review of the classes of pharmaceutical medications, including terminology, drug category, use, side effects, contraindications, and interactions.
  • Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT 110) is an eight-credit class that allows students to become CPR-certified and to learn basic life-support methods that do not require equipment. It includes both lectures and hands-on labs.
  • Medical Terminology (HIT 106) is a three-credit class that teaches basic medical terms and definitions so that a student can competently understand medical language in conversation and in written documents.
  • Medical Ethics, Law and Economics (MDA 208 W) is a three-credit class with a writing emphasis that discusses medical ethics, legal issues and regulation.



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