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What are Popinas & Thermopolia?

The popina was an ancient Roman wine bar, where a limited menu of simple foods (olives, bread, stews) and selection of wines of varying quality were available. The popina was a place for plebeians of the lower classes of Roman society (slaves, freedmen, foreigners) to socialize and in Roman literature they were frequently associated with illegal and immoral behavior.

In the ancient Greco-Roman world, a thermopolium (plural thermopolia), literally "a place where (something) hot is sold", was a commercial establishment where it was possible to purchase ready-to-eat food. The forerunner of today's restaurant, the items served at the thermopolia are sometimes compared to modern fast food. These places were mainly used by the poor or those who simply could not afford a private kitchen, sometimes leading them to be scorned by the upper class.

Additional Program Information and Resources

The AAS in Hotel/Restaurant Management prepares graduates for careers in the hospitality industry. As the economies of the world continue to grow, and the hospitality industry expands, the need for qualified individuals to supervise, manage and lead food and hotel organizations will become a greater necessity.

If you have an interest in marketing, planning, budgeting, human resources or any aspect of management - if you possess leadership skills, and a willingness to work as a team, then you have the qualities necessary to ensure success in Hotel/Restaurant Management.

Hotel/Restaurant Management, AAS Degree

64 Credit Hours


HOS 101Introductions for the Hospitality Freshman2.0
BHM 110Sanitation and Safety3.0
BUS 112Quantitative Business Methods3.0
BIT 206IT for Service Industries  3.0
ENG 110College Writing I3.0


BHM 123Bartending and Beverage Management3.0
BHM 125W Hospitality Law*3.0
BHM 127 /
CHM 127
Kitchen Chemistry4.0
BUS 108Accounting for Service Business4.0


BHM 201Hotel/Restaurant Internship I**3.0


BHM 101/
BIO 121
Basic Nutrition4.0
BHM 216Professional Cooking3.0
BHM 230Front Office Operations Management*4.0
´╗┐BUS 248Human Resource Management3.0


BHM 235  Hotel and Restaurant Cost Control*4.0
BHM 275Hospitality Catering and Community Service*3.0
SOS 186 / 
HOS 186
Food in History and Society3.0
PSY 240Psychology of Advertising3.0
ENG   Advisor approved ENG elective Credits3.0


BHM 297Hotel/Restaurant Internship II**3.0

* Take these courses in the semester (fall or spring) indicated. They are not offered every semester.
** Internships are only offered over the summer and are required regardless of prior experience to complete the program in two years.


Beyond Graduation

Graduates of the Hotel/Restaurant Management program are employed within food and hotel facilities, both in the local area and around the country. Graduates have found opportunities as Lodging General Managers, Front Desk Clerks, Restaurant Managers, Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Bartenders and Service Staff, Caterers, Owner/Operators and Hospitality Sales to name a few.

Graduates of the BCC program are prepared for immediate employment as supervisors based on their degrees and other related experience. Marriott Hotels (all brands), Holiday Inns, Sheraton Hotels, Best Western, Hampton Inns, Friendly's, and McDonald's, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Subway, Texas Roadhouse, and a large number of local Mom & Pop establishments like Traditions at the Glen, Number 5 and Michelangelo's as well as other lodging, restaurant and industrial food service organizations such as Lourdes and UHS Hospitals. Some graduates pursue their entrepreneurial dreams of owning their own hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or restaurant.

You may decide to pursue further education. Hotel/Restaurant Management graduates may transfer into four-year Bachelor of Science programs in Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism, or Recreational Management, or General Business Management.

Program supervised by Professor Rey C. Wojdat, Chair, Hospitality Programs Department.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at (607) 778-5001.