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Learning Outcomes

The Health Information Technology Program is designed to ensure that students are well prepared to enter the profession as a Health Information Technician and have the ability to continue their learning throughout their professional careers. At the completion of the HIT program, graduates will be able to function as health information technicians who are competent in the following:

  1. Maintain health record systems consistent with medical, legal, ethical, and administrative requirements;
  2. Interpret and implement various regulations of the modern health care delivery systems;
  3. Apply scientific standards in analyzing and evaluating health records;
  4. Compile various statistical reports and analyze and validate data;
  5. Code diseases, operations, and procedures;
  6. Design, select, implement, and evaluate departmental operations and information systems;
  7. Monitor healthcare reimbursement systems by analyzing case-mix payment rates to determine reimbursement optimization;
  8. Maintain and utilize a variety of health record indexes, storage, and retrieval systems;
  9. Understand the importance of confidential communications and apply the principles of release of information;
  10. Develop and maintain the electronic health record;
  11. Establish and maintain continuing education as a function of growth and maintenance of professional competence.

SUNY Broome Institutional Learning Outcomes

SUNY Broome graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply relevant knowledge, technology, and tools from the academic disciplines in the contexts of personal, professional, and civic interactions, with sensitivity to diverse peoples and cultures. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes # 1 - 10
  2. Read, write, speak, and listen effectively in both personal and professional spheres. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes #1, 2, 6, 11
  3. Retrieve, organize, analyze, evaluate, and appropriately use information. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes #1 - 10
  4. Perform effectively as a team member. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes # 1, 2, 6, 9, 11
  5. Reflect on, reason about, and form independent judgments on a variety of ideas and information, and use these skills to guide their beliefs and actions. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10
  6. Exercise individual and social responsibilities through personal development and selfadvocacy, healthy life-style choices, ethical behavior, civic involvement, interaction with diverse cultures, commitment to life-long learning, and engagement with global issues. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes #9, 11
  7. Integrate knowledge and skills gained and adapt them to new settings, questions, and responsibilities. Met by HIT Department learning outcomes #1 - 10