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Prospective Students

Do I qualify?

To complete the HIT program within two years, entering students should have successfully completed:

  • Mathematics. Level 1
  • Regents Biology, College Preparatory Biology or Applied Biology
  • Regents English

Students who lack the background described are still encouraged to apply. Based on an evaluation of background, individuals may be accepted to BCC and advised through a preparatory program. Entering students are tested prior to scheduling.

Is This the Right Career for You?

1. Are you interested in a health career without significant patient care responsibilities?

As a health information professional you will work without direct patient contact most of the time. Health information management professionals enjoy a broad selection of job opportunities and options for professional growth.

2. Would you like a job with flexible hours and the possibility of part-time employment?

Health information professionals work in a multitude of settings throughout the healthcare industry, from hospitals to insurance agencies. Work hours are flexible as well as options for full-time or part-time employment.

3. Are you interested in a health career that involves computers?

Health information professionals serve the healthcare industry and the public by managing, analyzing, and utilizing data vital for patient care-and making it accessible to healthcare providers when it is needed. Computer technology is advancing the capabilities of health information processes daily.

4. Are you interested in a curriculum with limited mathematics and no chemistry or physics requirements?

The math required for the HIT program involves basic math skills. The science requirement is Human Biology I and II, as well as Pathophysiology. No chemistry or physics is required for a degree in Health Information Technology.

5. Would you like to be involved in the statistics of healthcare?

Test results, diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments-these are exactly the types of information required to effectively treat patients. Whether stored on paper or computer files, reliable health information is critical to quality patient care.

6. Are you interested in a health career without heavy lifting?

Health information management professionals hold many diverse roles, yet all share a common purpose: providing reliable and valid information that drives the healthcare industry. They are specialists in administering information systems, managing medical records, and coding for reimbursement and research. There is little if any heavy lifting.