Google Apps FAQ

Why are we using Google Mail related services?
  • More available Storage: Gmail offers us 30 GB of space PER USER. This is many times the previous limit.
  • Better and more comprehensive spam and virus protection. You should notice less spam in your inbox.
  • Add on features such as chat and drive that the college previously did not support on its own.
This email change seems to be more than just email only, what else is included?
  • The webmail to gmail changeover includes Google's Communication and Collaboration Tools:
    o Gmail: 30 GB of storage space, built in instant messenger, better mobile access, IMAP and POP capability, and superior email search features.
    o Google Calendar: Take your calendar with you on your mobile phone or any mobile divice and have it automatically sync to your computer. Share calendars with fellow faculty and staff members. Easy scheduling of department and division meetings and events.
    o Google Drive:  Allows a user to create, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, images and other files.
    o Google Sites: Create websites as a team or solo with built in video, image, gadget and document integration.
Do I need to do anything if I already have a Gmail account?
  • Yes. Your personal Gmail account is not your sunybroome Gmail account. They are both separate. However, you can forward your personal email to your Broome Gmail account if you want to. 
What do I need to do to create my Gmail account?
  • Nothing. ITS has created your gmail account for you. It will always follow the format of Username is typically your last name and your first initial, sometimes a number is added if multiple people share your naming format. 
  • Your username and any associated aliases from webmail will be transferred to Gmail.
  • Your password is set to your mycollege or banner password. 
  • For difficulties accessing your account call 778.5011 for assistance.
Where do I go to access my gmail account?
  • You go right to and put in your full username (including the part) and password for access.
Where do I access all the other Google features like drive and calendar?
  • Log into your sunybroome Gmail account and look for a black ribbon across the top of your mail page. You should now see options for drive, calendar, and contacts among other selections.
  • Are my contacts and calendars from webmail being exported over to this new Gmail account?
  • Yes they are. All of your contacts and calendars should appear as they were in Gmail. The exception to this is global distribution lists. These are already in the directory and may not appear as a separate contact group anymore. Personal distribution lists have also not been migrated over at this time. They can however be imported into Gmail as a CSV file (comma separated values). You can follow the following link to see how to make a CSV file:
How much storage space do I have with Gmail?
  • Each user has access to 30 GB of storage space. A huge gain in space.
What is conversation view? And why should I use it?
  • Conversation view is gmail's default email view. What it does is nest conversations (emails back and forth with a person or a group of people) into one thread. It then sorts it in order of oldest messages at the top and newest at the bottom. The advantage of this feature is it helps sort emails into an easier to find format.
Gmail uses labels instead of folders, what does this mean to me?
  • Folders in webmail and Labels in Gmail share the same basic functionality; that is they both help organize email. The difference is Gmail's labels allow you to put conversations into more than one location at a time. This is a feature webmail did not match. See for more information on labels in Gmail.
What is the size limit of messages I can send through Gmail?
  • You can send messages, including the attachment, up to 25 MB in size.
I used to be able to retrieve messages from my trash, I've noticed messages have started to go missing from there, what's going on?
  • When you delete a message Gmail removes the message from EVERY label (folder) the message was contained under. The conversation is then moved to the trash.
  • After 30 days the trash is automatically deleted, unless you delete it yourself beforehand.
  • So the message has been sent to trash, can I recover it?
  • Before the 30 day time limit it up, mail can be removed from trash and sent back to its original location.
I have heard there are workarounds that will allow me to stay on Outlook/Webmail, is this true?
  • There are indeed workarounds that can capture SOME of the old functionality of outlook/webmail. However, due to the way the domain has been setup the risk of not receiving important mail is high, as is the possibility of losing functionality. 
  • (IMAP functionality allows for almost any program to work with Gmail, im not sure if this paragraph needs to be said but it's a common question I have been getting).
  • I want to set up my smart phone to receive gmail how do I do this? 
  • Follow the provided link and select your type of smartphone.
Why am I seeing no messages in webmail? Or why am I seeing a missing chunk of time in Gmail?
  • You are seeing no new messages from webmail, or only some messages in webmail due to the changeover from webmail to gmail.
  • If you are missing a chunk of messages from a specific timeframe in gmail it is most likely because when the switchover was being implemented a redirect was never set for your account. You can manually forward the missed messages from webmail to gmail if you need those messages for reference.
How do I delete folders (labels in gmail)?
  • Find your labels on the left hand side of the mail pane. Scroll down until you see more. Select that. Then select Manage Labels. Click remove to the right of a label to remove it, or edit to change the name or nest the label (make it a subfolder).
I want to create an event invitation right through my mail. How can I do that?
  • When you are composing your message, find the insert: invitation link. Select this and fill out the attached form. This will now add the event to your calendar (or another person's calendar if you are setup to do so).
I am using a distribution list, but am not receiving the message I sent to the group. Why not?
  • Look in your sent mail or all mail labels. You should see the message here.
  • You can also cc yourself if you know you are not part of the distribution list and want to see this message in your inbox.
  • As a note even if you cc yourself, this does not verify that the message reached people on the distribution list. Email someone on that list if you need to check to be sure.
I shared my calendar with a group, but nobody in the group can see it. Why?
  • When you share a calendar with a group of people, they will still have to add you manually to their list of calendars. 
  • I am not seeing invitations that people are sending me to events. What is going on?
  • The first thing you want to check is your notifications options in google calendar. Go to the following link to see how to check.
How do I set reminders for calendar events? I want more than just a blanket notification.
  • You can set a blanket notification setting for calendar events through the notifications section on calendar. You can also set notifications for specific events in addition to your normal settings. For more see here:
I have deleted a calendar event. Can I recover it?
  • Once deleted the event cannot be recovered. You will have to remake the event.

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