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Associate in Arts

The Liberal Arts, Associate in Arts major offers a traditional university-parallel program to students who want to go on to baccalaureate degree study in any of the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Interested in becoming a psychologist, or a writer, or a historian? This is where to begin. Not sure? This is the place to explore your options.

Students who complete our LAAA degree are prepared for transfer to four year institutions throughout the United States. If transferring to a SUNY school, they bring with them all SUNY general education requirements and can usually enter as juniors.

In order to ensure seamless transfer, students should learn as much as they can about their baccalaureate program requirements either by consulting an academic advisor here or a transfer counselor there. Some four year programs automatically admit those with the LAAA degree, others have structured "2+2" articulation agreements.

Program supervised by:
Donna Rehak, Coordinator
Office: Titchener Hall, 210
Telephone: 607 778-5092




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Mission to succeed: Stephie rises to the challenge in the Honors Program

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Wild Thoughts: Maria finds herself through writing and self-publishes a book

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