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About TCC

The Technical Career Connection (TCC) empowers Perkins-eligible students by supporting them throughout their academic journey at SUNY Broome.  From college to career (or transfer), TCC provides professional development, time management skills, assistive technology, tutoring and more. 

TCC also provides professional development and support to faculty and staff as needed to support post-graduation success.  Alumni are also able to take advantage of our career services resources.

Services & workshops are available in-class career labs, scheduled throughout campus, walk-in labs, and by appointment. 

  • Technology Career Coach
  • Student Success Specialist
  • Technical Assistant
  • Student Concierge for fully Online Programs

‚ÄčNontraditional by Gender Students are Strongly Recommended to sign up for services.  

Non-Perkins students are welcome to contact the SUNY Broome Applied Learning & Career Center for Career Services, or the Learning Assistance Department for Tutoring and other Support at (607) 778-5038.

Support for this service is made possible by a grant under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 administered by the New York State Education Department.


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