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We offer a wide range of classes across all academic disciplines, classes that challenge you to think more deeply and insightfully. Honors classes are designed to show that the various ways of looking at our world fit together to give greater wisdom. Our Honors classes are smaller than average college classes, so you will learn in a more intimate environment. They are also taught by some of our most honored and creative faculty.

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SUNY Broome welcomes Fall 2016 Honors Program students!

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Contact Jesse Katen at:

Contact Maureen Kollar at:
(607) 778-5648

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Honors Course Offerings

The following courses will be offered as Honors courses in the Spring 2017 term. 

  • BIO 118: Principles of Biology I
  • BIT 143: Social Media Campaigns
  • ENG 111: College Writing II
  • HIS 104: Western Civilization
  • MAT 182: Calculus II
  • PHY 181: Physics for Engineers & Scientists I
  • PHY 182: Physics for Engineers & Scientists II

Students with a 3.2 GPA or higher for the previous term/semester and who meet the prerequisite requirements may petition to register for these courses.  

For information on registration, please contact Jesse Katen or Maureen Kollar.