Faculty Essentials

Key Information for Employees

In this section are links to practical information and resources to connect you with offices and services on the campus.

Below are links to some additional publications and links to connect you with current information.

Negotiating Campus

ID Cards - ID Cards serve as the Library card and are required to obtain media services keys, school cars, etc. You can get your photo taken for your ID and/or pick up your ID in the Public Safety Office.

Campus Map - The campus map shows parking spaces and also identifies the code used by each building used to identify rooms within that building. 

Parking - You can obtain your parking permit application from Public Safety (you must be logged into mycollege to submit this application).  Parking permits (hangtags) are provided at no charge to college employees, however, there is a fee to replace missing or lost hangtags.

Computers and Computer Accounts - Initial computer accounts are typically established by Human Resources and/or the Department. All faculty have access to computing technology either through a computer in their office, at open computer labs, or during open hours in the Teaching Resource Center. If you have problems with your computer login or with your computer, please contact Information Technology Services.  When you are off-campus, you can still have access to some campus applications and files through APPS.

Office Space - Office assignments are typically made by the department chair and/or divisional dean. 

Keys -Key requests should be made to your department chair.  Access to keys may be determined by your role on campus and your need to access campus buildings, offices, and rooms.

Copying - Check with your department chair or secretary for instructions on making small numbers of copies.  The Copy Center serves faculty & staff needs for larger copy orders, such as printed syllabi and exams.

Phone - Your department chair should contact Information Technology to assign a phone number, when applicable.

Voice Mail- You should be able to access your voicemail through your SUNY Broome email account. For instructions on setting up your voicemail, please contact Information Technology Services.

Interoffice and Off-Campus Mail

  • Mailboxes - See your department chair or secretary to determine the locations to send and receive mail.
  • Campus mail - The faculty/staff directory includes a mail stop number which serves as the campus address for interoffice mail.  When sending interoffice mail, use a tan interoffice envelope and include the name & mail stop number.  Use red envelopes for copy center materials.
  • Off-Campus mail - For official mail that is to be sent off campus, please contact your department secretary.

Faculty & Staff Directory

You can search for offices, facilities, services, faculty and staff using the SUNY Broome directory

Campus Mailing & Shipping Address

College Mailing Address

SUNY Broome Community College
P.O. Box 1017
Binghamton, NY 13902

College Shipping Address (used when a box number is not acceptable or for GPS programming)

SUNY Broome Community College
907 Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905

Human Resources and Benefits Links

Visit the Human Resources area of the employee portal to find information on the following (please note you need to log in and scroll down):

  • Contracts
  • Adjunct, Overload, and Non-Instructional Pay Rates
  • Contract Memorandums of Understanding
  • Summaries of Benefits, including retirement programs, life insurance, tax information, etc.
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Flex Spending Accounts
  • Sick Leave & Sick Bank Enrollment
  • Human Resources Forms & Documents

Getting Paid

Visit the Employee area of the employee portal to find information on the following (please note you need to log in and scroll down):

  • Tax forms
  • Payroll schedule
  • Direct deposit
  • Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) - Part-time adjuncts and full-time faculty on overload contracts are paid through the faculty load and compensation system.  Faculty are required to acknowledge their contracts before a published deadline in order to be paid on time.  Please see your department chair for additional information.

Contract Information

Faculty Contract

All full-time regular faculty begin the appointment process when they are hired, as stipulated in the Faculty Association contract.  This process prepares faculty to apply for a continuing appointment.  Whether or not a faculty member chooses to become a member of the Faculty Association, the Promotion and Appointment processes listed in the FA Contract will apply.  For information about Faculty Association membership, please contact the FA Secretary or Treasurer.

The Faculty Contract is  a labor agreement that is negotiated between SUNY Broome Community College and Broome County and the  Faculty Association of SUNY Broome Community College.  The contract includes important information about such issues as:

  • Faculty Responsibilities,
  • Compensation,
  • Grievances, and the
  • Evaluation, Appointment, Promotion, and Professional Development Recognition Increment Processes.  

During the time that a contract is in place, there may be additions, deletions, or corrections to the contract that are mutually agreed upon though the joint development of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).  When reviewing any part of the contract it is important to check whether there is an MOU in place that may be relevant.  A listing of the current MOUs is located on the employee tab in My College.  They are located in the Human Resources section of the page.


Professional Development

Visit the Professional Development Website to find information on the following:

  • Professional Development Offerings and Opportunities
  • Professional Development Assistance Program Information (for conference/workshop and tuition reimbursement)
  • Teaching Grant  Information
  • Promotion and Appointment Information

Official College Travel

Please refer to the Purchasing and Contract Guidelines and Procedures Handbook, and refer to pages 15-21 for information regarding official college travel.

  • Procedures: Prior to traveling on official college business, please be sure that you have the appropriate approval from your chair or supervisor, a verified and approved funding source, and a completed and signed travel form. Please see the Travel Form Procedure document for specific guidelines.
  • Mileage Reimbursement: Please note, in order to receive mileage reimbursement, College guidelines require that you first request a College car.  If the College car is unavailable and you receive approval, then the cost will be charged to the traveler's cost center.
  • Tax Exempt Forms: If you stay in a hotel in New York State while on official College business, please provide the hotel with a completed tax exempt form.  New York State hotel taxes will not be reimbursed to employees who do not submit the form to the hotel.
  • Binghamton Airport Parking: Parking for college travel at the Greater Binghamton Regional Airport is free with your copy of a signed SUNY Broome Travel Authorization Form. 

Campus Resources for Faculty