Faculty Essentials


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Frequently asked questions about faculty essentials at SUNY Broome.

  1. How do I get copying done? The Copy Center is located in the Campus Services building and provides copying, duplicating and printing services for classroom instructional purposes and for administrative /support purposes.  The Copy Center provides both immediate "while-you-wait" services for small orders, or items may be dropped off or sent via campus mail (obtain red interoffice mail envelopes for "copy center only" from your department secretary) with a completed requisition for either classroom or non-classroom materials. Non-classroom duplicating requests will require approval of a Chair/Director or supervisor.
  2. Where do I park? You can obtain your parking permit application from Public Safety (you must be logged into mycollege to submit this application).  Parking permits (hangtags) are provided at no charge to college employees, however, there is a fee to replace missing or lost hangtags.
  3. Where is my office space? Office space assignments are typically made by the department chair and/or divisional dean.
  4. Who can I go to for help or to ask other questions? Your department/division secretary or chair/dean are excellent sources of information.  Please contact the Teaching Resource Center for additional assistance.
  5. How do I get a key to my classroom? Key requests should be made to your department chair.  Access to keys may be determined by your role on campus and your need to access campus buildings, offices and rooms.
  6. How & when will I be paid? Visit the Employee area of the employee portal to find information on the following (please note you need to log in and scroll down):Tax forms, payroll schedule, direct deposit, Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) - Part-time adjuncts and full-time faculty on overload contracts are paid through the faculty load and compensation system.  Faculty are required to acknowledge their contracts before a published deadline in order to be paid on time.  Please see your department chair for additional information.
  7. How do I take attendance? For more information about attendance policies and procedures at SUNY Broome, please view the Teaching Resources page and click on the Attendance heading.
  8. How do I turn in grades? For more information about the grading policies and procedures at SUNY Broome, please view the Teaching Resources page and click on the Grades heading.
  9. How many office hours do I need and how do I set them up? For more information about office hours, please contact your department chair.
  10. How do I get to my online course? Online @ SUNY Broome is the best resource for questions about your online courses. 
  11. What is the TRC and how can they help me? The Teaching Resource Center is a faculty-managed facility dedicated to the mission of improving the quality of education at SUNY Broome.    The Center's purpose is to promote excellence in teaching in order to enhance the learning experiences of students. The Center provides services to all faculty, full-time and adjunct, and welcomes the participation of administration and staff. The TRC also houses the Distance Education and Professional Development functions for the campus. This Presentation details some of the services and support provided in the Teaching Resource Center.  Contact  the Teaching Resource Center.