Faculty Essentials

An Introduction to the Campus Community

professional workingSUNY Broome Community College is one of 30 community colleges in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, the nation's largest and most comprehensive state university system. The college is sponsored by Broome County and serves the Broome community as well as the surrounding region.

During a student’s time at SUNY Broome, they are supported by excellent staff and taught by talented, accomplished faculty who offer students access  to rich and varied educational opportunities–such as internships, unique field-trips and other off-campus learning experiences— as well as innovative, flexible online and blended courses.

Below you will find information that will familiarize you with the college.  Simply click on a heading to view the associated information.

About SUNY Broome

Overview of the Institution

SUNY Broome Community College is a comprehensive community college supervised by the State University of New York (SUNY), sponsored by the County of Broome, and governed by a 10-member Board of Trustees (BOT) . SUNY Broome is one of thirty SUNY community colleges in New York .

In 1946, the College was chartered as the New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences at Binghamton. After a series of name changes reflecting more substantive changes, the College assumed its current name. The College’s campus is located in the Town of Dickinson, three miles north of Binghamton, in the Southern Tier of New York State (NYS).

In keeping with its Mission, the College has continued to grow and adapt to the needs of the community by broadening its program offerings . The College offers Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs to prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate programs , and Associate in Applied Science degree programs to prepare students for immediate employment upon completion . The educational offerings include  A.A.S. degrees, A.S. degrees, A.O.S. degrees, A.A. degrees, and certification programs.

In addition, SUNY Broome's Division of Continuing Education has an extensive non-credit continuing education program featuring classroom and online courses, seminars, mandated professional training, and special events open and available to the public. SUNY Broome strives to be a leader in anticipating and responding to diverse individual, community, and global needs for accessible lifelong educational opportunities. The College affirms its commitment to learning, excellence, equity, diversity, and innovation.

Strategic Directions

Mission Statement

SUNY Broome Community College provides a quality educational experience to a diverse population, offering all the opportunity to identify their potential and to realize life goals.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Enrich the learning and teaching landscape at SUNY Broome.
  2. Engage the campus, local, regional, and world community in meaningful partnerships which foster innovation and excellence.
  3. Seek and refine proactive academic endeavors and student services which assist students in accomplishing their life goals.
  4. Sustain and invest in SUNY Broome as a learning community.
  5. Enhance and sustain the infrastructure and environment for a dynamic living-learning community.
  6. Foster an integrated approach which creates a foundation for student empowerment in critical thinking, problem-solving, civic engagement, and self-efficacy.
  7. Ensure a sustainable organization with a high level of excellence.

Vision Statement

SUNY Broome Community College will be widely recognized as a preeminent institution of higher education where hope, passion, and opportunity are fully realized.

Strategic Directions

Organizational Charts

Liberal Arts Division

Liberal Arts Home

Mission and Overview

The Division sponsors traditional university-parallel programs for students seeking baccalaureate degrees and also programs that prepare graduates for employment.  Our programs are aligned with those at SUNY senior colleges so that SUNY Broome graduates can transfer as juniors.  


Health Sciences Division

Health Sciences Home

Mission and Overview

The  division prepares students for immediate employment in nine distinct areas of the health care industry.  Department Chairs and faculty maintain close contact with agencies and health care providers throughout the area, and most students complete clinical site assignments in those facilities to obtain practical field experience before graduation.  Degree programs are monitored by national accreditation agencies.  Most professional programs require licensure examinations after graduation.  Class sizes are limited and all entering students must comply with departmental mathematics and science prerequisites.  Those who do not comply are given the opportunity to complete prerequisites while earning general education credits toward their desired health science degree.

Certificate programs require fewer credits for completion and offer more specific training without earning the AAS degree.


STEM Division

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Home

Mission and Overview

The division offers a variety of degree programs designed for students seeking immediate employment or for those preparing for transfer.  Engineering Science and Computer Science AS degrees prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs in related disciplines.  Engineering Technology (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) AAS degrees are accredited by the Technology Accreditation Committee of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC/ABET).  They are intended for the student seeking employment in the field, but graduates often complete baccalaureate degrees at transfer institutions.  Technology programs (Computer, CIS, Telecommunications and Industrial Technology) offer greater flexibility for students with time and/or employment-related restrictions.


Business and Public Services Division

Business and Public Services (BPS) Home

Mission and Overview

 The Business Division offers degree programs and certificates in the areas of business, business related fields, and public safety fields enrolling 1,000 students each year on a full-time or a part-time basis.  Classes are offered during the day and in the evenings and selected programs are also available through the Weekender Program or online.  All business programs are planned with the advice and assistance of individuals currently working in the field.

The Business Administration and Management Associate of Science degrees are designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution.  Programs in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Marketing, Paralegal and Office Administration are designed to prepare the graduate for immediate employment.  Yet, they can also provide transfer opportunities for four-year colleges and universities.  a number of exciting new or revised degree programs and certificates -- Desktop Publishing, Web Development and Management, Business Information Management, and Financial Services -- provide the latest technology and information needed to succeed in a rapidly changing work environment.  Public Safety degrees are designed to meet the growing needs in law enforcement, corrections and Homeland Security as well as Fire Science and EMT/Paramedic professions.


Continuing Education

SUNY Broome Continuing Education has a long tradition of offering quality non-credit classes and business and industry training to the community. For 20 years, we have monitored the needs and interests of Broome County residents to provide the most up-to-date and innovative programming possible.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts -- Enrollment statistics for SUNY Broome Community College provided yearly by the Institutional Effectiveness Office.

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